Do you want to start a business, or open a branch of your business in the United Kingdom?

If so, the U.K.Immigration Rules provide a number of ways in which people can obtain the right to live in the U.K. for this purpose without making a major financial investment.

The main routes are as follows:-


1) Sole representative of an Indian Company

An Indian Company which has no branch, subsidiary or representative in the U.K., may apply to send one individual to the U.K. to open a representative office.

An application is made to the British High Commissioner by the proposed representative who will need to show that:

a) The company has a satisfactory trading record, and a genuine business reason for establishing a branch in the U.K.

b) The representative is suitably qualified and experienced to act as the representative in the U. K. Ideally he will be an existing employee or director, but this is not essential.

c) The company will be able to pay the representative a reasonable salary in the U.K. until he generates his own salary from

d) The main base of the company’s operations will remain in India.

For this reason the British Government will not allow the owner or majority shareholder of the Indian Company to come to the representative.

The representative will be granted one year’s permission to live in England. During the year he must establish the business in England, which must be the branch or subsidiary of the Indian Company. Provided the U. K. operation performs satisfactorily the representative will be granted a further three years, and thereafter may apply for permanent residence.

With this route, you can see that it is possible to establish a U.K. business without making a major financial investment.

2) Work permit – Inter – Company Transfer

Once a U. K. Company has been established either by the sole representative, or by business colleagues in the U.K., it becomes possible for the U.K. Company to apply to the Department of Employment in the U.K. for Work permits to be granted to bring key directors or employees across from India.

The British Government will be concerned to see that there is a reasonable balance in the company in favor of British employees over Indian employees, but key personnel can be transferred.

Once again, the only financial requirement required will be evidence that the U.K. Company can pay the Indian Employee a reasonable salary.

Work permits may be obtained for up to 4 years, and may thereafter lead to permanent residence.

3). Conclusion

Although some routes to the U.K. involve a substantial financial investment, by the above routes a U.K. business can be established at minimal cost.

In addition, anyone coming to the U.K. as a sole representative or work permit holder can bring his spouse and children under 18 with him and his spouse may work freely without restriction in any occupations or establish a business.


Have you ever thought about working in the U.K.? If you are qualified and experienced in certain professions of jobs, it may be easier than you think!

Certain jobs in England are designated as shortage occupations. This means that a U.K.Employer may obtain a work permit for an Indian citizen without needing to carry out a resident labour test in the U.K.

Current shortage occupations are as follows:-

a) Specialist nurses

b) Veterinary Surgeons

c) Social Workers

d) Clinical Psychologists

e) Speech Therapists.

Other occupations, which are not officially designated as shortage occupations, are also in short supply in the U.K. and it is relatively easy for U.K. employers to obtain work permits for qualified and experienced Indian Citizens.

These occupations are as follows:

a) Computer specialists, and particularly Microsoft Certified Engineers.

b) Teachers

c) Actuaries

d) Chartered Accountants with specialisms.

Anyone coming to the U.K. with a work permit may bring his spouse and children under 18 with him and the spouse may work freely without restriction in any occupations or establish a business.

To obtain a Work Permit in the U.K. it is normally necessary to have a Degree or a professional qualification, and at least 2 years work experience.

The requirement for a degree may be waived for a business position, if the Indian citizen has at least five years business experience at a senior level.

If an Indian citizen holds a Work Permit in the U.K. for four years, he will be entitled to apply for permanent residence at the end of the four year period. He may apply for British citizenship, if he wishes to after five years.