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Study in USA
Study in USA
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A Report on Event


“A Seminar on How to Prepare, Apply and Obtain USA Student Visa”

Date & Time: 12th September, 2013 (Thursday)
Venue: D Y Patil Auditorium, D Y Patil Knowledge City, Pune
Speaker: Dr. Sudhir Shah, Advocate


1. Program commenced with National Anthem followed by Saraswati Pooja.
2. Dr. S. S. Sonavane felicitated Dr. Sudhir Shah and other guests.
3. After brief introduction to Dr. Shah, seminar has started.
4. Dr. Shah explained all things regarding How to obtain USA student visa. He included
interesting games regarding the same in his seminar like “Kaun Banega Visa Pati?” and
“Snake-and-Ladder”, this increased the interest of student in seminar.
5. He focused on all important aspects in preparation, application and obtaining USA
Student Visa by sharing his experience.
6. During the seminar Dr. S. S. Sonavane and all guests published a book “U Study in
America” written by Dr. Sudhir Shah.
7. Dr. Sudhir Shah distributed copies of this book to all students and staff free of cost.
8. Seminar ended with interactive session of questions and answers in which students raised
different doubts and Dr. Shah cleared all those doubts.
9. Students from T. E. and B. E. (All Branches) of Dr. D Y Patil School of Engineering
have attended this seminar.
10. At the end of the program Prof. S. R. Patil (H. O. D., Computer) proposed the vote of
11. Whole program was organized and coordinated by Association of Computer Engineering
(Department of Computer Engineering, Dr. D Y Patil School of Engineering).

Prepared By

Mr. Chetan D. Lokhande
Convener (Association of Computer Engineering) &
Lecturer (Computer Engineering), DYPSOE