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The Law Firm, Sudhir Shah & Associates, traces its existence back to the year 1969, when Mr. Sudhir Shah started practice in his personal name in Mumbai, India. After completing 25 years of practice, in his individual name, Mr. Sudhir Shah started practicing in the Firm name from November 14, 1993. Since then the Firm also formed association with M/s. Collas Moro, Solicitors & Attorneys, Australia and M/s.Gross & Co. Solicitors, London, U.K. The firm is the Indian member of the Global Chain of Immigration Attorneys.

In the year 1998, the frim also established a “Corporate Club” with the aim of imparting knowledge and information with a relaxed mind to its Corporate Clients. The Firm embraces practice of most of the legal field and takes its clients problems, irrespective of their nature and size, as its own. The Firm’s approach is to always serve its clients speedily and efficiently and seek solutions to problems on a practical and viable basis. Mr. Sudhir Shah and his Associates are always accessible and involved in the matters entrusted to them.

The Firm though relatively small in size makes up this shortcoming by personalizing its services to its clients. The Firm’s policy is simple. It provides a legal service that represents value to its clients. The whole structure of the Firm is geared towards providing quality legal services to meet the needs of each client. The fast growth of international trade and business transaction has prompted Lawyers to cross national borders and establish themselves internationally. Sudhir Shah & Associates have, in line with modern needs, established close relations and firm associations with Law Firms in major cities of the world.

India is a country of great variety in terrain, race, language, religion and cultures. Its total land area of approximately 33,00,000 sq. kilometers, bounded by a coastline of 6000 kilometers and a land frontier of 15000 kilometers, makes it the 7th largest country in land area in the world providing the biggest domestic market. It is the largest democracy in the world with a written Constitution, a Parliamentary System of Government, and a well-established and independent judicial system. Positive political and economical changes, removal of restrictions on Foreign Investments and Industrial and Foreign exchange policy encouraging globalization have opened new opportunities in India for both, local and International business.

There are several ways in which foreign enterprises can be established in India setting up a new company, entering into a joint venture or purchasing a new property, and/or assets and/or shares of an Indian business. Whatever method chosen, the laws and regulations are numerous and complex. Sudhir Shah & Associates can help overseas investors with advice on foreign investment, foreign exchange laws, Government guidelines, real property registration and employment requirements. The Firm can also provide general and commercial advice on business structures and how best they can be established. The professional services of the Firm include Corporate Law & Securities Transactions, Mergers, Matrimonial Law, Rent Law, Immigration Law, Arbitration, Conveyancing and Litigation of all nature.


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